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tbh several years ago, i was super obsessed with really lovey dovey music and i reeallllyyy wanted to know what it was like to love someone. my family doesnt really say “i love you” and i felt like nobody actually cared + there was no way of knowing since i never talked to anyone about how i felt. i always thought i was going to be alone forever and yeah sad tween girl…but im so glad im not like that anymore. although rn is an exception. i feel like 11-year-old me, sad bc boys. its natural, i guess, to wish that someone will ask you to a dance or just wish to have someone to talk to, right? idk idk ive had one boyfriend and he broke up with me bc i didnt make him happy. im not bitter about it anymore although when i think about it, it kinda really sucks. good thing is that that stupid butt is the reason why i can say “i love you” out loud (and why i am okay with venting..) although i cant look at people in the eyes while doing it. ((i couldnt say it right during a play go figure) but anyway, after ending that little thing, i was a sad sad really sad girl for like 2 years. not until this year do i feel like i dont need anybody. i sometimes feel super energized and busy and good bc im doing stuff for myself, but i also stop talking to people bc of it. that then brings back the poop feelings bc alone. it doesnt help that i either take things really fun funsicle-y or really serious and to heart. im either super happy or real “://///” I HAVE NO POINT BUT IDK i kinda wish a cute boy would like me and talk to me and hangs with me but whatever. i just have to talk to my friends more bc they are enough and theyre awesome and i could just stay busy so that i wont think about it. ill plan lil dates with my friends and work on college apps yeah! forget my lil gooey stupid bruised heart dumb post good night ilu 

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